Taste Muskoka!
Award winning wines.
Premium, local fruit.
Taste your new tradition! Traditional methods, premium, local fruit means award winning wines! Artisanal wines from dry to dessert!


Taste your new tradition!



Muskoka Lakes Winery is founded on the French notion of 'terroir' - a sense of place. That means our winemaking starts with fruit that thrives in the rugged soils and climate of Muskoka.


Premium, local fruit

As farmers in Muskoka for over 50 years, we want you to taste what's beautiful and unique about this area. That means using our best, gently raked, hand sorted fruit. The best fruit makes the best wine. It's that simple.



A New Tradition

In the beginning, wines were made from a wide variety of local fruits. For the past few centuries, however, grapes have been common and winemaking techniques have been honed for that fruit. Using these traditional methods we can re-discover what the ancients knew - that wonderful wines can be crafted from the fruit that grows around us.


Artisanal Wines

Artisanal wines are made in small batches, by hand, using traditional methods. Passion and dedication are required to allow the unique qualities and growing conditions of locally grown fruit to shine.


Taste Muskoka!

Wines from Muskoka come in a range of styles from dry to dessert. They can be full-bodied or light, crisp and refreshing. You can find a Muskoka wine for any occasion and all types of food. Taste your new tradition - taste Muskoka!